Who We Are

A man smiles on stage with musicians in the background while addressing the audience before a musical performance A man smiles on stage with musicians in the background while addressing the audience before a musical performance

About Us

After 33 years, the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami has replaced the beloved monthlong concert series called Festival Miami with Frost Music Live. This series presents high-profile concerts and related music events from September through April each year. What a great opportunity to listen to award-winning Frost student ensembles, esteemed Frost faculty artists as well as world-renowned guest artists and musicologists throughout the academic school year at an affordable price.

Since 2017, South Florida tourists and residents alike have enjoyed distinctive programming that reflects Miami's unique culture and varied tastes, from classical music and Latin music to jazz and contemporary to Frost Faculty Recitals and Lectures.

"We are thrilled to launch this series where audiences can rediscover great masterworks, explore the best in jazz and contemporary music, enjoy the brilliance of our students and faculty, and gain new insights into the musical creative process through informative musicology lectures,” says Shelton G. Berg, Dean of the Frost School of Music.

Mission Statement

Frost Music Live's mission to uphold the Frost School of Music’s vision of providing high-quality music education and training for its students as well as exposing the community to a diverse range of cultures through music. Located in the heart of Miami’s culturally diverse community, the Frost School of Music intends to foster advancements in music performance, creativity, scholarship, and teaching among its faculty and staff.

Frost Music Live acts as an important educational tool to amplify the number of opportunities for musical enjoyment and personal enrichment to as many residents and tourists as possible. It is known for three distinct programming elements: presenting international musical guest artists; showcasing Frost School artist-faculty and award-winning student ensembles; and adding educational components such as master classes, open rehearsals, and talks with the artists. Frost Music Live's superior and diverse musical programming expands beyond South Florida’s cultural boundaries.