Media Guidelines

Accredited news photographers on assignment as well as radio and TV crews from regularly scheduled news programs are welcome to cover Frost School of Music events, subject to the guidelines below. Arrangements for media coverage must be made at least 24 to 48 business hours in advance of the event by contacting the UM Media Relations office at 305-284-3899 or No photographers or TV crews are permitted without prior approval.

Media Request Procedures

A request to film/photograph/record any Event must be submitted to the UM Media Relations Officer and/or the Artist’s Representative and the Licensee. It must include the following:
  • Contact information (phone number and email)
  • Full name of the media outlet
  • Desired concert date
  • Intended use and length of the Recording
  • A letter of assignment from the editor
  1. Once the relevant parties have cleared the request, the UM Media Relations Officer will notify the Venue as well as the production and house staff.
  2. A member of the Licensee’s or Presenter’s staff will be present to greet media, escort them into and out of their filming/photography/recording positions at the venue.
    • A media pass must be worn by the media at all times while on location
    • The UM Media Relations Officer is available to meet in advance
  3. For our audience members’ comfort and crew’s safety, no media equipment is allowed in or around the auditorium seats during the Event. All footage/photography/recording must be taken from a designated area generally behind or in front of the soundboard, as specified by the Venue production staff.
  4. Handheld cameras are preferred. High-speed telephoto lenses are highly recommended. Small tripods are also permitted. The Venue does not allow boom or other moving equipment.
  5. A maximum of ten (10) minutes may be filmed/photographed/recorded. A maximum of three (3) minutes of the footage may be used for news purposes only in conjunction with the Event.
    • At the end of the allotted time, a designated staff member will escort the camera crew out of the auditorium.
  6. The media should provide proof of insurance when multiple cameras or crew are employed.


Ticket Information

To request press tickets to Frost School of Music events, Journalists on assignment should contact the UM Media Relations office at 305-284-3899 or e-mail We will do our best to fulfill all requests, but please note that press tickets are limited.